Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de mayonnaise

Naturally, we're having a Cinco de Mayo lunch party at work today. My boss, in the office next to me is cooking velveeta & chicken cheese dip IN HER OFFICE. And the smell is wafting over like a floaty devil.

There are chips and cheeses and goodies everywhere!
(I made some homemade salsa!)

But I am not tempted. I am determined and focused. Finally. Brought all my snacks for the day! I am good-to-go :-)

Feeling good after my day yesterday. I did NOT get a good workout in. But I got a lot done at home. And I ate SO good, and it makes me feel great. I dropped the 4lbs that I was up yesterday. So I am now up 3lbs, which is waaay better than 7.

I REALLY hope to see a loss by Saturday, when I'll weigh in at the gym.

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MackAttack said...

How'd your day go? Nachos sound OH so good! I mean, no. not good at all!