Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Somewhere between my workout last night, the Biggest Loser finale, and the wonderful comment I received from my new reader AussiePeacock . . . some magic motivation dust hit me square in the face.

I can't help what kind of results my body gives me. I simply can't.
But I *can* give it everything it needs . . . to make it feel guilty and start rewarding me! ;-)

I can't say that I am not frustrated as all hell. That would be a lie. But, I can say that the difference between just yesterday and today is huge.

Yesterday... I had pizza for lunch! I felt giving-upish, and whateverish.
Sick of wanting to eat whatever I want, and having to work out so much and NOT.GETTING.ANYWHERE.

But the truth is... I am getting somewhere. Even if that somewhere isn't 112lbs in a year. Even if that somewhere isn't a six pack and gunzzz. My heart is getting somewhere, my muscles are getting somewhere. I am going to get healthier, and healthier, and my body will realize that there is NO need to carry around 100lbs of extra fat on such a healthy body.

And the thing with Aussie's comment that struck me... is that she said the exact same stuff that I say to people that have had great success, and inspire ME.
I want to be someone that inspires others... who doesn't!?
I realize how much other people's successes have added to mine. I want to reach my goal, motivate others, and complete the circle.

Anyway... today feels like another new little beginning.

3 refreshing comments:

Lori said...

That is a great attitude!

AussiePeacock said...

Hi Chai!
Im so glad i can help you in any little motivating way i can. Its amazing where you can find little bursts of inspiration. I know how tough it can get it took me over two years to lose 35kilos (which i think is about 75 pounds) and i soooooo know how easy it would be sometimes to pack it all in. Ive only got ten pounds left before my goal and ive been slacking off quite a bit lately but I can do it! and so can you! Now, where did i put that exercise bike?? :)

Oh and a big G'day to Fatty too i was very rude in not mentioning him yesterday :) Hope all is well

MackAttack said...

what an awesome breakthrough! It sucks to not be able to see the progress. I'm just hoping that slow and steady will win the race...