Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New meal plan

So, I took all my favorite diets (body-for-life + fat smash + common sense), and came up with a new meal plan structure for myself.
The basic gist is -

• 1,300-1,500 calories per day
• 6 meals a day - averaging 200-300 calories each
• each meal consisting of - a protein and a carb
• 1 serving of dairy a day

Previously... I was still having a larger breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now, all my meals are the same. My main meals (B, L, D) are more structured like a larger meal (like, a meat, a starch, a veggie) but the calories are the same as my more snack-like meals.

I'll be bringing this to Heather to get her take on it. But I think it looks pretty good! Need to go grocery shopping now. Man, eating healthy makes for expensive (and very often!) grocery trips!

I've been having some amazing fruits and veggies from the farm stand on my home though. Best cherries ever! And the leeks! OhhhHmmmmmMmmmMMm!

It is too large to post here, but if you'd like to see a scan of my meal plan, go here! - MEAL PLAN!

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jh said...

That meal plan looks pretty good. I like how the meals are structured and the protein ratio. Sounds great--good luck with it.

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Chai Latté said...

Hey Jen,

Thank you! I really appreciate any opinions on it!

MackAttack said...
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MackAttack said...

wow that's a great meal plan! How organized! What will you do when you go out though? combine two meals?

Kate said...

Good luck with your new meal plan. :) I always wish I could get myself to eat 5-6 small meals a day instead of the 2 (sometimes 3) big ones I eat.

Chai Latté said...

Yeah Mack, if you see on Saturday, I combined the calories for lunch & snack together, to allow for 450 calories. Since I know 250 calories for a restaurant meal is near impossible!

laura said...

i am jealous of your meal chart and organization. i need to start concentrating on smaller meals too. your menu looks like a great balance of what you're shooting for.

MackAttack said...

That's awesome! And so organized! I'm excited for you, you are really reforming your entire life. Amazing! Oh, and I LOVE your chubosaurus pic. It's so cute!

AussiePeacock said...

Hi Chai
Im new to reading blogs but came across yours yesterday and have read the whole thing :) im so inspired by your dedication and persistance in the face of what must be very frustrating results. I know you will get there! Its made me want to drag my ass back to my gym so thanks! Keep on keeping on mate!

Chai Latté said...

Thank you guys!!

Welcome Aussie! I am a huge peacock lover! I am planning a gorgeous peacock tattoo for when I reach goal! :-)

Thank you SO much for enjoying my blog, and for rooting me on... I can't tell you how great and motivating these comments are to me!