Monday, May 11, 2009

Nada Mucho

Nothing to say on the diet front. Still up in weight. Still working hard, still frustrated as all hell. Same ol' same ol'

Had a nice time yesterday at Fatty's Bday pahtay. Good foods, good peeps!
Made a low sugar lemon & white cake, was a success!

My brother-in-law showed up with an arm bandage. He slit his wrist open with a utility knife at work. Chopped some veins and tendons and things. He's in for surgery today. So, wish him luck! (Yes, this is the very same brother-in-law who nearly died after a two story ladder fall...2 weeks before his wedding!)
I told him.. he needs to get a damn desk job already!
Poor guy.

Spent the rest of the weekend trying to catch up on my errands, and house stuff. Sprayed about 13 hornet nests around my house, another 5 or 6 I couldn't reach left. But, I hope it takes care of some of them!
Made a gigantic batch of salsa, corn relish, and guacamole for the party (and then some!) Another big hit!

Had to take my car in to the garage today, engine light came on, and the brakes are shot.. I feel so naked without a car and keys!

Nothing else exciting going on. Good workout on Saturday. Sore as all hell.
Definitely the most sore my abs have ever been in my life. SO painful!

I don't know why I'm rambling... sorry!

I feel a little overwhelmed lately. I feel this way every couple months or so, where I just have too much too do, too little time to do it. I think it's intensified by trying to focus on my weight loss. I keep trying to put it as my first priority.
workout vs dinner with a friend?

planning out my meals vs cleaning my kitchen?
my meals!

I am trying to put it first, but then these other things creep up, looming.

I need to find balance... and I can't been able to do that yet. But it's so essential.
If i can't find balance now.. in the transitional stage.. how will I ever live a calm, balanced life when I am in maintenance?

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Melissa Vegas said...

OMG. Bobby! Geesh!

Hope everything turns out ok.

And I love it when you have nice long posts - gives me something to read. :)

I still don't understand your body, man. How can it not reward you for all your hard work (and you've been working SUPER HARD) with some loss? Does your trainer have any thoughts on it? You must be working up some CRAZY muscle.

Melissa Vegas said...

Oh. And if you got that many hornets, I think I shall be staying clear of your house for a while, hmm? ;)

We had two nests in our hose holder thingy - I made Brad spray the living daylights out of them!

Chai Latté said...

I know! That boy is a walking hazard !
Gah, it looked SO painful :-(

I don't understand my body either!
Heather doesn't have much of an idea either, but she's DEAD SET on figuring it out :)

I have her check my meal plans, and I tell her if I eat anything not on my plan. She says, I *should* be losing 1.5lbs a week, with what I am eating, and my workouts.

I haven't been sleep eating, and I am definitely not pregnant! haha I have NO clue what it could be. But its REALLLLLLLY getting to me!

Chai Latté said...

hah yeah, we always have hornets.
They'd made all new little baby hoses in all the shutters, so I had to spray'em all down. Hopefully tonight, I'll get the hose and spray them down so they can't move back in!
I don't mind a few, but they are taking over! Between them, the mice, the moles, the bats, and owls... I'm living in the wilderness, I tell you!

Fatty McFat-Fat said...

I hear ya on the feeling overwhelmed lately. :/

MackAttack said...

I'm the same way, when I am successful on a diet, it consumes my life and then I burn out. I'm trying to find some balance to enjoy life but control what's going into my mouth. Of course, it is still eluding me! and btw, I can't believe about your BIL! Yikes!