Thursday, May 28, 2009

Non Thirsty Thursday

Can't seem to get the water down today. Hate that. Just not interested!

Not much going on today. Made DELICIOUS salmon burgers last night. I even made an avocado lime mayo to put with them. Joel made happy noises the whole meal!

Did not get my new glasses yesterday, I went to the office at one o clock. Apparently, on Wednesdays they close at 12:30! Lamest of the lame. But I did get to go to my favorite Asian market nearby. Picked up some snacky snacks. Its a good place to find some different, low calorie snacks. Like wasabi peas, seaweed crackers, etc. Even picked up some of my very favorite lychee mochi. Man, I love them!

Schedule was wonky this week, so I am training tonight, tomorrow, and saturday. First time doing 3 days in a row. So, we'll see how I hold up :-)
(Have the stretcher ready!!)

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Sweet Copper Penny said...

I'm very curious about the training. How is it going? What is the trainer having you do? How do you like it? etc, etc, etc. I hate when I have a hard time with my water. Usually some lemon helps with that for me.