Friday, May 8, 2009

Ohhh my abs!

Well, I made it through my session with the other trainer.
It was good and fine, and I actually have mixed feelings about it.

For one, I definitely prefer Heather. Cindy was VERY nice and a great trainer, it's just a matter of personality and compatibility.

I blasted through the workout. I mean.. some of it was challenging. And BOY, did I sweat. Ended up with my usual 800 calories burned in the hour. But I just, had no issues. Cindy even asked if I used to be a trainer! wtf!?
Because my form is spot on, and because I tend to do the more advanced versions of things without being told. I guess I'm just awesome by nature! ;-)

Even the guys (the other trainer/owner and his client) stopped to watch me do some exercises... making comments about how a girl is showing him up! hehe!

Now, I am curious to train with the owner, Bob. Because I'd like to see who I'll stick with after Heather has her baby.

Also, I am going to drop out of the biggest loser competition.
I would need to lose at least 15lbs in 4 weeks just to contend, and I am gaining still. So, it ain't gonna happen, since my weight is still on the up & up. And I need to stop the cycle of unreasonable goals and being disappointed because I can't reach them. I have enough disappointment as it is. I don't need this.

2 refreshing comments:

Salubrious Fervor said...

You ARE naturally awesome!

Melissa Vegas said...

Was just going to say what the commenter above did, that you ARE naturally awesome!