Friday, May 8, 2009

Why I love my trainer!

I sent her an email, just saying that I hope she's feeling better today!

Her reply :

Hi! Yes, I am feeling better. Thank you!! I heard you did an awesome job last night. You were a hit! We all love you and your amazingly positive attitude! I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Have a super fantastic day :)

She's the NICEST!

2 refreshing comments:

MackAttack said...

That's awesome! Way to be totally impressive! Have you read Jen Lancaster's "Such a Pretty Fat" she had a trainer too, and it reminds me of your experience. Sorry about the weight continuing to gain. I know how that feels!

My 3 Month Challenge said...

Heehee that's great support from your trainer! I love my nutritionist too, she is so positive and encouraging :)