Monday, May 18, 2009

Positive Challenge - Day 5

I am SO glad you guys are playing along! I hope it hasn't been has hard for you, as it has been for me to think of things you like!

I tried REALLY hard to think of something physical that I liked about myself.
This is all I came up with!

• I really like my height. At 5'8" I'm 'tall for a girl' but I'm not a freaky amazon height. I wouldn't really mind being shorter..most girls I know are shorter than me. But, for some reason I've always been proud of being kinda tall!

Can't wait to hear you guys' ones for today!

7 refreshing comments:

Susan said...

Oh, I am way behind since I haven't read your blog since last week but I love a good challenge, so here goes . . . I am a very loving Mom to my boys. I may not always be the most patient Mommy, but they know I love them more than anything, and that is most important I think.

Glad you are back, Fatty! Wish you could come to my new gym. You would love it.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree 5'8" is a great height. Tall enough to be statuesque (especially in heels) but "average" enough to be approachable ;-)

Ammy said... 5, time for something a little personal!

I have good feet. Not at all dry, not calloused, jut perfectly smooth skin, long toes (a touch curled) and nice toenails.


Chai Latté said...

Sue! That is SUCH a nice one :-) The nicest one yet!

Ammy, I am jealous!

I have awful feet! They are short, stubby, and double wide! So dry they are white, all the time!
And they don't fit in ANY shoes!

Melissa Vegas said...

at the wedding, i was taller than you! (between my heels and high hair, and your flats!) :)

laura said...

yay for semi-tall ladies! i recently discovered that i'm not 5'8" as i had previously thought, but 5'7.5" and well, it blew my mind.

my favorite physical feature would be my lips, i used to hate them for being so large, but now i've accepted that they are a beautiful feature and i like em (minus the inability to wear dark lipstick... due to my personal opinion that i then look like a clown)

MackAttack said...

I'm 5'10" so I understand the height thing. I always thought it was annoying because the guys I liked were never tall enough. My positive thing for today is I've always been pretty strong, I can lift whatever I want to. I need to keep up the strength training to make sure I don't lose this!