Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Really the only word I can think of that describes my frustration with myself.
First of all, today is day one of operation get Fatty the hell out of Haverhill!
Secondly, Chai has challenged me to join Jack Sh*t's 1/2 pound challenge.
Do I accept? F$#K YES!!! I'm weighing my tubby, lazy ass as soon as I get home tonight and sending Jack the e-mail. I've discovered I'm amazing at justifying things in my head and feeling sorry for myself and letting stupid things get in the way. Y'know what one of the best things for depression is? Here's a's NOT eating like crap, that just makes it worse. It's NOT laying on your duff, when there's a weight bench RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! Bah, I know you're all sick of hearing this same speech/rant whenever I make an appearance back here, and I'm sorry. You do have to deal with it though... For a couple reasons.. maybe if I keep writing it down, it'll sink into my fat skull that I am accountable for what I tell people and write down. Also, Chai gave me rights to type stuff in here and publish it... haha ;) Honestly though, I'd love to only have positive stuff to write and tell you guys. Fact of the matter is... I'm real good at wallowing in my own self pity, I have bouts of great enthusiasm, and motivation and I LOVE those times. I love being motivated and having a goal and getting to it, I do enjoy a good challenge. I also have a ver short. ohhhhhhh look a slow loris!!! wait.. aahh.. very short attention span. (hello cliched writing style, oh how I've missed you) I lose interest in things pretty quick is what I'm getting at. Unless something comes along and renews my interest, like a challenge.

The main point of this post is this, I'm finally moving closer to the rest of my life. I'm fully expecting to be happier and less lazy(I KNOW I won't be as active as I truly want to be). I'm also hoping Chai doesn't kill me dead from heart failure next time she trains me.
Thanks, as ever,

3 refreshing comments:

laura said...

wth, how did i not know what a slow loris was? sooo cute.

lucky you, moving is an awesome work out! you'll get lots of exercise and you'll be somewhere happier once your done, win-win.

then, once you are moved... get those lazy bones moving :)

Chai Latté said...

Yah... what Laura said, Lazy bones!! :-)

Slowris = love

Fatty McFat-Fat said...

Yeah, it's definitely a win-win move for me. :) Well maybe a win-win-lose... lol I'll win moving, win being happier and lose weight.
also, slow loris looooooooooves to be tickled and says yayyyyyyyyy