Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's like thunder, lightnin' The way you love me is frightenin'

I don't want to jinx anything... so I won't give you a number just yet.. BUT.. I *may* possibly maybe hopefully be losing :-)

I'll do my official weigh in next Tuesday for the Jack Sh*t 1/2lb challenge :) So I'll give you a number then... but..I am cautiously hopeful!

*knocking on everything wood in my sight*

5 refreshing comments:

anne h said...

You may, possibly, hopefully be right about losing - You sound good - happy. Must be that Jack Sh*t challenge!

Sweet Copper Penny said...

YEAH! I so hope your weigh in goes well. I know you are working hard!

Chai Latté said...

Thank yoooouu!

I hope it goes well, too :-) I am going to *try* and not weigh myself until them. But we'll see! ;-)

laura said...

AAAAAH I AM SO EXCITED! sorry i really am though, you work so hard and that scale has been nothing but trouble.

MackAttack said...

my fingers are crossed for you! I'm SOOO curious what the loss may be!