Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I did weigh myself today, still the same. I seem to fluctuate now between 245 - 248. This is killing me! I feel so chunkin'. I feel gross and blubbery. I feel like none of my clothes fit me. (This is not the truth, though. My clothes fit the same as always, I just FEEL yuckier in them)

Bob the Trainer gave me a cute little journal to write down all my foods in. He was interested in reviewing my food journal, I could have just sent him my Sparkpeople logs, but.. who can resist a cute new journal? So, I am writing everything down in there after logging it in SP. Hopefully, he'll have some good suggestions for me, after seeing my foods.

Tonight, I train with Heather. I am SO glad that I have already purchased my next 22 session package. Because now that Heather is nearly done I am feeling like I want out. Like I want to not train with anyone else. And that, is just the fear-of-change talking. Which is what I need to overcome! So, I am going to suck it up, and train with whoever they give me, and I will do my best... scared, or not!

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Melissa Vegas said...

Yay for you already buying new workouts! :) I'm super proud of what you've accomplished so far. Still wish I could figure out how come you're not losing weight, because you're being so super good! But, happy you're still motivated to keep pushing hard.

I feel like a chunkin right now too. Lady time, combined with 2 months of not eating healthy or exercising. No weight gain, which is surprising, but all my toning is gone, gone gone.

Oct said...

You should be proud of how determined you are! And I know what you mean about feeling fat. I do too, but I haven't gained anything. It just feels that way because I SO want to lose more.

anne h said...

You don't sound scared; you wound excited! You'll do fine.

MackAttack said...

Ugh, so sorry about the plateau, it's rough, but don't do what I did and let go. Trust me, If I could talk to one year ago Beth I'd tell her to keep trucking and then I'd weigh 30 lbs less. So, keep on trucking. you are being healthy! So stay healthy!