Monday, June 15, 2009

Thoroughly Tuckered!

Get ready for a long ass weekend recap! Coming atcha!

1/2 day at work. Got off at 12:45, headed straight to my workout with Heather. From there, I met up with Fatty and we went to Not Your Average Joe's restaurant, where we shared an ahi tuna dish, and some paella. Delicious. Back home, Fatty, Joel, and I played Gauntlet (my fave! Thanks Melissa!!). Shortly after, I began to feel really ill.
I have now officially decided that I am allergic to mussels. Shame. I love them. But the last 3 times I have eaten them, I have gotten very sick. There were 2 in my paella from lunch. So. Sad news for me. Good news for the mussels, I s'pose. Went to bed. Couldn't sleep at all. Got about 1.5 hours of snoozing. Fell asleep around 4:30am, had to get up at 6 to get to training. That brings us to :

Had training extra early. With Bob! I was nervous, but I know Bob at least. And he's the nicest guy. My workout was hard. It was almost all balance and stabilizing stuff, which is not exactly my cup of tea. So, not that I enjoy ANY exercise... but this was even less enjoyable than what I normally do with Heather.
I know it was my first session with Bob, so he needs to try stuff out and assess me. So, we'll see if it's any different this Saturday.

Headed straight out from working out to pick up Mom, back to my house. Shower. Pack. Dog. Car. Hit the road! We were heading out to the Berkshires (About a 2 - 2.5 hour drive) to work on my Grammie's trailer. Got there, and started working.
Mom and I cleaned, scrubbed, sorted, packed, and sweated from 1pm to 11pm, with just a one hour break! And we're STILL not done! There was a LOT to do. But, we made excellent progress. Tried to sleep on the air mattress with Mom and Corgi. Got about 30 minutes of sleep. At some point, around 4:30am I got up and went to the living room and just started going through all Grammie's photos and albums. That was fun. Even if Corg kept Godzilla-ing my picture piles.

Man, the stuff we found. We found Grammie's wedding dress, and cake topper! We found her high school letters, and silly love poems written from Grampa. Letters us kids had written them, I can't even tell you. We found some really fun stuff.

Grammie's wedding dress.

Its a big joke, how delightfully tacky my Grampa's taste was. And so we had to toss a lot of hilariously ugly things. I documented just a couple for you here.

Here is, a beautiful fawn, lounging by the water fall.

Here is a close up, of the blue glue goo dusty water.

This is a cowboy in action!
He's painted to look like.. uh.. bronze, or wood, or something. But he's actually like, paper maché or something.

Sadly, as I tossed said cowboy into the dumpster, my aim was off, and I accidentally decapitated him. Uh. Sorry Grampa.

For break time, we headed over to the Moonlight Diner. A 50's/60's style diner with a fountain/ice cream counter :-)
I had a cherry diet coke. DELICIOUS.

Still awake from Saturday, I chug down a 5 hour energy drink and a cup of coffee, tie up my sneaks, and get back to work. We finish up some cleaning, do another dumpster run, and I start to pack up my car. Back on the road by 10:30!
I vowed, on the drive up that we'd stop at the Tepee's on the way back for Corgi. (for those not in the know. We take the Mohawk Trail to Williamstown, so along the way we always have to stop at all our favorite Indian* souvenir shops, and one of them has two Tepees that you can take pictures with.

* I don't care if saying "Indian" as opposed to "Native American" is politically incorrect. I am part Mohawk myself!(yah, like 5% or something. lol!) and so I am totally allowed.

Here's the view from one of the shops.

Soooo, long drive back home, and we head right to my friend Mike's parent's house to meet the baby. Very nice. Mom got her fill of babytime, and I brought her tired ass home and mine too. Then, headed back out to clean out (vacuum!!) my car, since it was one gigantic corgi fur ball.

Went to Shaw's, ran into Melissa, which is always nice! Back home, had dinner, crawled into bed and died.

So, there's your weekend recap! Hope you enjoyed it!

I am totally exhausted, but feeling fine. I have angry shooting pains in my back and shoulders, and my hamstrings and forearms are sooooooooorrreee! I assume it's a giant combination of my workouts, labor, and attempting to sleep on an air mattress. :-)
So, I should feel good as new by tomorrow for my workout!
Dunno what I'll do tonight for a workout, since I am so kaput!
Maybe just speed walkin' instead of a jog :-)

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MackAttack said...

Wow what a busy weekend! Hope you got some good sleep, and are feeling better!

anne h said...

Those little things you find - they can be precious! Beautiful scenery, too. I'm sure you are thoroughly tuckered!