Thursday, June 25, 2009

Giving Thanks!

Thank you everyone, for your hopeful and encouraging comments! I really appreciate it!
My big focus will be keeping motivated and really do everything I can to promote this possible maybe luckily hopefully weight loss. :-)

Second biggest focus will be getting Fatty's ass in gear! ;-)
Naw... I know that I can't push him if he isn't already rollin' (and I say rollin' because he's such a tubby stump, that's all he can do!)

Ok, seriously though. We've both gained. We both feel sucky about it. I do better when he's helping me, he does better when I am helping him.. so that's all we can do. He knows (and if he didn't, he does now!) that I am ALWAYS here. I am here with a healthy meal, and with a hard-ass workout. I am here with a cheer-up Corgi, or a we-did-it! sweaty high five. He'll never get rid of me.

And we'll never get rid of this fat, unless we truly buckle down! Who cares that we gained, who cares if we slipped. We have knowledge, determination, and a treadmill on our side! And mostly. We have each other.

And I mean Fatty and I. But I also mean ALL of us! I can promise you, I would not have gotten back up on that wagon, or stayed on as long as I have if not for the support and inspiration that my online buddies have given me. I may not be celebrating victory just yet.. but it doesn't mean I can't give thanks right now :-)

Here's a thank you face.

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Dina said...


Fatty McFat-Fat said...

So sappy.. you trying to make me cry or sweat?!?! ;) naw, but seriously, it goes both ways, I'll always be here when you need it too. Sometimes, even when you don't.. ;) and dammit!!! now I want to go bowling!

laura said...

back at ya! oh my goodness, look at that face! soo cute.