Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trippy and Sappy

Curious as a kitty, I had to order some Miracle Fruit tablets. For those who haven't heard of them, read here : MIRACLE FRUIT
You suck on the tablet, and it messes with your tongue so that for a limited time, everything sour tastes sweet.
So, I ate an entire lemon. And it was DELICIOUS. I mean, I eat lemons normally, so thats not that strange.. but this one tastes like lemon pie filling. Like the sweetest, tastiest lemonade you can think of. I sipped on some apple cider vinegar.. it was smooth and sweet and delicious!
I drank lime juice, and then I ate a spoonful of hot sauce.
My lips are on fire still, but it wasn't that bad. lol.

I got them so we could have a "Trippy Tastes" party at work. This should be FUN! I will experiment again at home though, so I know what foods to bring. But I think salt & vinegar potato chips should be delicious! ;-)


In other news. My work out was good. Burned 1033 calories! and even higher new record! cha-ching!
Eating is right on track, though it's almost the weekend, and its hard not to slip up then! But I'll be fine, I know so!


Apparently, my Grammie is in the hospital. Fatty called a few hours ago to tell me. Though, she's fine, I guess. She went in for her physical, they did an EKG and did not like what they saw. I don't know the details, but they are keeping her overnight. Poor Grammie :-( Glad she is doing/will be fine, though.


And of course I should mention... Michael Jackson. Very, very sad. I always kept silent during the Jacko is Wacko phase, with the accusations etc. I've always felt nothing but sadness and pity for Michael, because I just felt he was truly mentally handicapped. I feel like, he was just a child inside. I am sure he was a loving father to his children, but I can't help but think they will be better off now, passed on to a hopefully more adjusted parent.
Michael was incredibly, freakishly, beautifully talented and luckily, despite his awkwardness of character, that will never be denied or forgotten.

3 refreshing comments:

Sweet Copper Penny said...

I am gonna have to order some of those. LOL about the hot sauce.

Melissa Vegas said...

aw, I hope Grammie is ok! :)

Chai Latté said...

Thanks M! Me too :-/