Monday, June 22, 2009

Hold on to that feeeeeeeeelaaaaayeeeaaaiinnggg

So, Bob's suggestions for my meal plan were :

• Keep total calories to 1400 (already doing this)
• Drink 16oz of water at every meal (already *trying* to do this)
• Next to calories, document carbs (I do this, but do not include on his journal. will do!)
• Make 1 snack each day a veggie, and 1 snack a fruit. (will now do this!)

So, not much of a change really, but I'll work on the veggie fruit thing. I was doing 1 snack a fruit, 1 snack a grain (like oatmeal, etc... not as a rule, it just turned out that way.

All the trainers just keep talking about little tweaks and changes. Which is all fine and good. But honestly.. how can a tiny tweak make the difference between me losing weight, and gaining weight? And if it can... is that really how I want to live forever?
Weighing crumbs, and balancing everything to be absolutely on the dot perfect?
What a shame, if so.

I've got things coming up on the horizon that I want to look good for. Not even good, but DIFFERENT. I was to see SOME kind of results. I want to show people that I am not bluffing. That I am not pretending to workout 6 days a week. That I am not fibbing about my 900 calories burned in an hour! I am not lying about my 1,400 calories a day consumed.

That I am not useless and failing at this by my own devices. I just can't seem to control it :-/
But I NEED to control it. I need to find a way to reign it in and make my body do exactly what *I* tell it to do!

I know that it doesn't matter how often I get mad about it. Or how often I blog the same damn blog to you all about it.

All I can do is stay focused. Keep my determination up and not let it bring me down.
I have a good feeling about this week for some reason. So, I will just hold on to that feeling, work hard, and pray for rewards!

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Kate said...

I hope this works for you!

If not, have you had a physical and blood tests just to make sure everything is okay? Also, is it possible you're eating something that you're actually allergic to? I've read quite a few articles/book chapters that mention that we're often allergic to the things we eat most often/crave, but that the allergy doesn't cause what you'd expect an allergic reaction to be, so much as it makes it nearly impossible to lose weight. Another suggestion is to maybe cut out dairy products for 2 weeks to see if that changes things? I know quite a few people who've been completely stalled but started losing again pretty much immediately upon quitting dairy.

Chai Latté said...

Thanks for this comment Kate!
I hate being such a Nancy-Know-it-all when I respond here. But it's just because I've been stalled so long, I really have tried everything!

I did get blood work, etc. done. No problems that the doctors could find.

I cut out dairy for 2 months, also, and no change at all. I try to limit it now, and eat less dairy now than I did when I was doing Atkins. I can't *think* of anything that my body would be allergic to, since I've cut out everything at one time or another. :-/

Maybe I'm allergic to exercise?! Oh, that would be heaven :-)

Ammy said...

I'm not a calorie watcher, but here is what I don't understand...

You are eating 1400 calories
You are burning 900-1000

That means you only have 400-500 to live on each day? Isn't that starvation mode????

My BMI calculations (NOT that I use these, but just to give us and idea...) say that in order to lose weight without exercise, I need 1600 calories per day, and if I exercise for 30 minutes, then I need 2312 and if I exercise for 60 minutes I need 2609.

Again, I don't really count calories (just carbs and protein), but I just don't think you're getting enough. I'd up your fat and protein NOT YOUR CARBS, and I wonder if you'd see a change.

Chai Latté said...

The problem with that, Ammy, is that that is what I was doing, when I started this "plateau"

I've eaten a 2500 calories a day diet, a 2000, an 1800, a 1600. And who knows how much I was eating when I was doing Atkins.

It doesn't seem to be a case of too much or too little. (though we all kind of agree it has to be, somehow!)

I am not in starvation mode, because honestly, starvation mode.. while stalling you at first because your body gets scared and stores what it can...eventually.. you do actually start to starve! I would certainly be losing then! :-)

I definitely have no intention of upping my carbs. Seems like perhaps Bob is concerned that I am eating too many carbs, which is why he wants me to track them. I eat 100-200 grams a day, which seems to be good for me!

Kate said...

I'm stumped! Would doing Atkins induction for 2 weeks jumpstart things, you think?

Chai Latté said...

don't think so :-( Being on atkins for 9 months didn't seem to help, and re-inducting constantly didn't either :-/

I guess I have some hope that weight will just start magically dripping off me. How in the world can it hold on forever, when I am doing what I am doing? :-)

MackAttack said...

Gosh Chai, I really hope these changes help! your plateau is one for the record books. I really hope this works!