Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm a big ol baby

Worked out with the new trainer today. It was OK. I had a tough time for some reason. I dunno why. I guess I was just nervous and uncomfortable about it, so it made me uneasy. She kept having me do stuff that I physically couldn't do, or that I knew was not a good idea for my knees.. but I really hate to whine, or contradict her.. so I would just do what I had to. Three times, I had to tell her I couldn't do something, and it REALLY bummed me out. She had me doing some plank thing, where I had to lift my arms and legs alternately and my sad fat body simply couldn't do it. And I wanted to cry.

I guess it was mostly shame and embarrassment. Here I am, in front of this young girl I just met, and I am unable to do a simple exercise. It's embarrassing. :-/

But, I made it through it (I didn't cry! I promise!) and I burned 953 calories. So, certainly not a waste.
I think I will be training with her on Saturdays from now on.. so we'll see if I can get more comfortable.

Bob looked over my food journal, and made some notes.. but overall said that it was impeccable. Which, is nice to hear, and also discouraging that he can't find faults either. Even with my admissions about Bertucci's and other unplanned meals.. he found no fault with it. I could my calories, I work out like a fiend. He's stumped too!

We'll figure it out.


4 refreshing comments:

anne h said...

"Plank thing" -- like walking the plank? That trainer sounds pretty hard-core!
Seriously, good work out numbers!

Oct said...

Big comforting **hugs**. I SO understand being humiliated by weight and inability (mine compounded by MS too) and wanting to cry. My heart is with you and so is my total respect and admiration.

Chai Latté said...

Haha it felt like I was walking the plank! To my water death!! :-)

It started as a regular plank
and then I had to lift each arm up and tap the trainer's hand, which seemed about a mile away!

Melissa Vegas said...

Dude. I know it must seem so embarrassing while you're there. But if you ever worked out beside me, I'd be the embarrassed one. You kick ass, way harder than I do. You can do way more than I can do. I could never have a trainer, because I do not have the willpower to push through it all. I WOULD cry, and whine, and quit. I admire your dedication more than you could ever know!