Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trial and Error

So I had Bob review my food journal for the week. He's so nice to do so, and I REALLY appreciate all the time and hard work these trainers are giving me to help me succeed. But it's just getting so frustrating. I know it's all trial and error at this point, but I don't think they understand that I've already been there/tried that.

Last week, Bob's note was - eat a fruit, and veggie for your snack. I did that. This week's note says - you're eating too much fruit, replace with veggies. Um, ok. Now I'm confused :-/

He says my carbs are too high. They are around 150-200g a day. He says they should be at, or just under 100g. Which is completely fine, except, when I was doing strictly 100g a day, I was gaining, steadily. So, it didn't really work. :-/
I don't know why this has to be SO freakin micro-managed and exact. It's FOOD. Why can't I just freakin eat it?!

I have NO idea how I made it through my work out this morning. I was 95% sure I was going to cancel it. But I went, and it was painful, but it's over now. thank goodness. Burned 863 calories. Very nice, for being half dead!

Well, off to icyhot the shit out of my shoulders.

Have a great weekend everybody!

3 refreshing comments:

anne h said...

Yes, on the carbs. I didn't start losing till I went below 100 - WAY below. Then instead of counting carbs, I just put them ALL out of my mind. Then add them back, bit by bit (as Atkins suggests) until I find that magic number for me, where I don't gain!

Chai Latté said...


My prob is, I couldn't lose on 20g a day. I couldn't lose on 50g a day. I couldn't lose on 75g a day, and I started gaining at 100g a day. Now, I eat about 150-200g a day, and I am not losing... but I am not gaining! Where is MY magic number? :-/

laura said...

that is soo frustrating! :(

i want to have some insightful thing to say, but that just sucks. kudos to you for trying his suggestions, i imagine i'd be too stubborn to try things again if i went through all you have. good luck with this weeks new changes!