Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fat girl in a sports shop

I love the prospect of the sporting goods store. I love getting new workout clothes, new equipment and toys. I also feel extremely nervous when I go into one. I immediately realize how out of place I am. One store I used to go to, I'd get up to the register and put my bounty down on the counter. The clerk would take one look at me, and then look at the weights, mats, tennis rackets, etc. And ask "You'd like a gift receipt?" More of a statement, than a question, really.

The store I go to now is much nicer, but that doesn't really stop me from feeling judged. Its the same feeling I get when I go into a clothing store like American Eagle. I know they don't go above a size 12. THEY know they don't go above a size 12, so who am I kidding?!

Anyway, I got what I went for - some weight training gloves. As well as 6 new tshirts (6 for $20!) So the ordeal is over.

Being a girl... I do enjoy shopping :-) But I have to say that there is nothing fun about being a fat girl, in a sports store.

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MackAttack said...

oh gosh, those looks, I hate it! But good for you going anyway! Glad you are back blogging!