Thursday, July 2, 2009


Went out to the Melting Pot for fondue for Allie's bday last night. Delicious, as always! This morning, down another 1/2 lb! 242.0 :-) So nice! I typically lose weight over LadyTime™ (strange, I know!) So, although I don't expect it to stick... its nice to see the number go DOWN for once!

In other news.. it won't stop raining here. I have considered starting to build an ark. This shit is bananas! Someone told me it has rained every day for the past month with the exception of 6 days total. That's nuts! It's gloomy and tiring.

Make the sun come out pleeeeease!!!!

3 refreshing comments:

Melissa Vegas said...

its like we're in fucking Seattle.

anne h said...

I love the rain - I wish it would rain everyday...until it does, then I want to see the sun!

MackAttack said...

you lose weight over the TOM?! Wow. Sucks about all the rain, move to CO. we get about an hour of rain a day then it is totally sunny and beautiful!

p.s. I LOOOOOVE the melting pot. YUM