Monday, July 6, 2009

Sunshine, Lobsters & Tonsils (oh my!)

As expected, I'm right back up to 246lbs today. Lame.

Had a nice weekend. Went to a friend's surprise Bday party, that was nice! Also had a Ladies & Lobster party at my Mom's... It was just Grammie, Mom, Sister, and Me :-) Oh, and lobsters, of course :-) Delicious!

The sun finally came out for THREE whole days in a row! unbelievable!

Having an angry tonsil day today, which kinda sucks. Lots of salt water gargling...and it may go away before tomorrow.

Sooooo yah, no other news for ya'all right now :-/

We did watch a few movies over the weekend, and last night we watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang which was fabulous. For you Robert Downey Jr fans (ahem, Melissa!), I HIGHLY recommend it! (even for those who are not fans of him specifically, it was a great movie!)

6 refreshing comments:

anne h said...

Good luck with the tonsils- yikes!

Melissa Vegas said...

Ooooh. Yay for RDJ. I will definitely have to rent that ;)

Sorry your tonsils are ouchy. :(

And I'm highly jealous of your lobster.

Kate said...

I'm sorry about the weight gain--such a tease that loss was!

I have horrible tonsil and throat problems and I've found that gargling with cayenne pepper (dilluted in water, obviously) works wonders, even if it tastes kinda nasty.

Unlike the previous commenter, I am not jealous of your lobster, as I am allergic and it would have killed me. :)

Chai Latté said...

Oh kate! Cayenne! That is interesting! I will have to try that.
Strange as it is, I LOVE salt water, so that doesn't bother me too much, and it does seem to help remarkably. But Cayenne sounds great too... the trial and error of amounts sounds a little dangerous though! :-)

Kate said...

Hah, I'm so bad about giving amounts of anything to people! I usually start out with 1tsp cayenne in a cup or so of water. If that doesn't seem strong enough (but it should), add another tsp. The sore throat won't go away on the first gargle...but if you repeat every 15 minutes it goes away pretty darn quickly.

MackAttack said...

Oh YUM Lobster, sorry the scale bounced back up. Stupid scale!