Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Apparently, Mr.Scale now has a conscience and feels pity for me.

As you know, last Wednesday marked the start of the 1/2lb challenge. That day, I was at my most recent low weight of 243, so that is what I submitted.
Each following day, I gained a little so that yesterday, I was right back up at 247.
This morning, I was thinking about how I'll be the only one to not have lost 1/2lb. A lousy 1/2lb! I would have to weigh in at 242.5!

So I step on the scale, and it tells me...



Seriously. You know it's bad when even your scale feels bad for you!

3 refreshing comments:

Fatty McFat-Fat said...

Woooo!!!!! Maybe it was that extra serving of veggies instead of the fruit? Either way saweeeet!!! ohhh I bet it was from using your tea pot! hahaha

anne h said...

It's all thought projection, manifesting itself in our darkest nightmares. Or was it hard work and better choices? I forget!
Congrats on the poundage!

Sweet Copper Penny said...

YEAH! That's awesome!