Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tea for Me.

I went to the mall with my Mommy and we finally stopped into a new store called Teavana. Gorgeous tea pots and cups, and hundreds of unbelievable teas! I'm not, not have I ever been a tea fanatic. But I like it. Well, this clerk dude was working it. He had us taste testing, sniffing, educatin'. He was serious about TEA!
How could I not buy some? Besides, Fatty got me this beautiful china pot a couple years ago, and I've always wanted to legitimately use it!

So I bought some loose tea. It was HARD to decide. They had these gigantic tins of tea, the dude lifts off the cover and fans it over the tea to WAFT some deliciousness up your schnozzle.

I ended up with two teas :

Fruit Bomba : A melange of green tea and South African Rooibos in combination with ripe papaya and peach pieces. Together they create an explosion of flavor, aroma and health benefits.


Queen of Babylon : A whimsical tasting rare white tea blended with immunity boosting pomegranate seeds, sour cherries, sweet carrot bits, apple and pineapple pieces.

. . .

I know, right?


Each little bag comes with the measurements to use, the steeping time, and the temperature of the water! So nifty.
So I measure out my tea.

I put it into my kettle

Poured the water in, and let it steep (for exactly 2 minutes!)
(please don't mind my dirty plates! we just had delicious salmon sammiches)

Put some agave nectar in my cup

Pour in my tea...

AND ENJOY!!! and I did.
Had enough left over to put some away in the fridge for iced tea in the morning...

I liked it very much.
Corgi though, was not impressed!

4 refreshing comments:

anne h said...

Everyone here is loving the Rooibos tea. Seems I'm always the last to know! Sounds great!

MizFit said...

ok that looks so soothing.

Perhaps I DO need to explore tea and loosen my grip on my coffee habit.

a little anyway :)

Fatty McFat-Fat said...

mmmm coffeeeeeeee... wait did you say tea?!?! BLASPHEMER!!!! haha That is one sexy looking tea pot though.

My 3 Month Challenge said...

The tea pot is adorable!!!