Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Just got back from the Orthopedic Surgeon. (Well, after being stuck in traffic for two hours!) I have Impingement Syndrome, which is tendonitis, bursitis, or small tear on my rotator cuff. I do have a bone spur there as well, which apparently will mean this will happen more frequently. Lots of anti-inflammatories, icing, and rest. She also gave me a prescription for physical therapy if I want it. She said I am good to go back to training next week, as long as I stay away from heavy shoulder exercises until it feels 100%. So, no major problem, no surgery needed. That's the good news.

Bad news is, I got a call about a missing kitty post I made on Craigslist, from a very nice man who saw a dead kitty on the side of the street. My Mom went down to check, and sure enough, it was Bailie :-(

You were a crazy cat, Baby Bai, but you will be missed.
Rest in peace, Bailie "Hell in a Handbasket" Fisher.

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~Oct said...

ooh, I'm sorry about your bursitis and about your kitty! Is that the real kitty in the pic? Very awesome pic mashup if so.

Chai Latté said...

Thanks October!

And yep, that's Bailie, and my mad photoshop skillz. lol

anne h said...

That was nice of the kind stranger (?) to call and say he saw the poor little kitten. There are some good people in the world!
Bless Your Heart!

Chai Latté said...

I know, Anne! I agree!
His sister called him and told him she saw a missing cat ad online and he should keep an eye open. And then he called me. SUCH a nice guy.
He even happened to drive by as my Mom was picking up her little body from the street. He was so nice and apologetic, I am so appreciative!

laura said...

i'm so sorry about kitty!

and i'm glad it's not surgery required injury, but i'm sorry you have yet another factor to deal with! heal fast shoulder!

MackAttack said...

Awww I'm so sorry about both! Glad there are nice people out there that are looking out for others!

Melissa Vegas said...

:( Poor sweet Baille. I picked up a card for your mommy and will send it out sad.

Ol' Man said...

Poor Coopy, he has no one to have kitty wars with. From 4:30-5:00am the two of them would wrestle while I was getting spiffed up for work. WWF (World Wrestling Felines)for a half hour every morning! LOL Now poor Coop sits on the toilet looking for his opponent that never shows up.
He's not happy with a win by default!

Thanks everyone for the kind words. Chai's picture captures her spirit quite well. She was small but fiesty from day one.

Melissa Vegas said...

aw, daddy that is so sad :(