Sunday, September 6, 2009

Awe, I lost a follower!

Sooo, lets see... I have a picture of yesterday's breakfast, which was a frittata (potato, ham, egg, mushroom, tomato), fruit, and a 1/2 english muffin.

This morning I made french toast (milk, egg whites, vanilla protein powder, splenda, spices, oatmeal bread). It was delicious, I didn't get a pic, cause the camera was dead, but trust me, it was delicious :-)

Oh yeah, as promised, I took pictures of last night's dinner.
Teriyaki beef, and veggie lo-mein.

And for a bonus, here's picture of Corgi in my bed :-)

Not too much else to update about today... I am on my way to Melissa's housewarming BBQ in a bit, so that will be fun! I just finished making up a tortellini pasta salad to bring. Yums!

I had originally planned on today being my free day. But I actually think that is a bad idea. Going to a party for a free day is just too... easy, I guess. It doesn't seem right, when faced with a smorgasbord to just say Well, today shall be my free day, then!
its not that I want to torture myself, but I do want to challenge myself, I don't want it to be that easy to give in.
Also, I am teetering on the edge of a great number on the scale.. and I'd like to do whatever I can today to push it, since tomorrow is weigh in day!

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