Saturday, September 5, 2009


Beautiful day today! Got some good errands done, stuff around the house, and Fatty and I went for an almost 2.5 hour walk!
We walked, we jogged, and we high-step jogged. We had headed to the track, but unfortunately there was a football game going on, so we drove on back to his neighborhood and resigned to just walk the block. And so we did, walked down to the lake, and took all the side streets we remembered as kids. Off one of the streets was a very inviting path through the woods, so we had to take it. It took us around the lake, up a very steep incline that Fatty HAD to run up in front of me, poofing sand in my face! lol
It dropped us off at some railroad tracks, which we followed and followed and followed, til' we reached civilization again.
I even attempted to re-assemble a dead squirrel, whose bones I found on the track. No luck, no skull!

We stopped at the stream by the old mills that we used to fish in as kids, we found $3 on the ground! That bought us an ice cold diet iced tea for our walk back home. Took a short detour to walk by our old house, the one we lived in until I was 10 or 11. It has all changed, of course... but I still like strolling by it sometimes. Good memories!

It was great exercise, in beautiful weather. Really nice, I say!

Right now, I am cleaning my room, and marinating some beef for stir fry tonight. And yes, I will take pictures!

So far, its been a very successful day on-plan and for me it means a lot, because weekends are hard. But it just shows me how determined I am! I'm not even taking my free day this week! Crazy lady I am.

Well, back to cleaning!

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