Thursday, September 17, 2009


I found this recipe for healthy Sloppy Joe's and I just HAD to try it! Now, you all know my rule... the recipe has to fit on a post-it note.

They didn't have any of the chiles in adobo sauce (even though, I know I saw it last time!!)
So I'd been meaning to buy some Adobo seasoning for awhile anyway. (Then I just used a can of plain green chiles)

Oh, now we're cooking!

Done! I made mine open faced, just because I'm a neat freak like that. I don't like no sloppy joe juice getting all up in my finger crannies.

I totally forgot to tell you that it was DELICIOUS. I mean, truly, DELICIOUS. I liked it way better than real sloppy joe mix! We'll see what Fatty thinks when we have it for lunch today! :-)

After dinner, I prepared my meals for tomorrow, one of which was a sandwich thin with some almond butter. Its been so long since I had some of this, but I know I will still love it!

Some time later, I felt REALLY extremely hungry, so I fixed myself some watermelon yogurt, with fresh watermelon and a sprinkle of granola. It hit the spot!

Sooo, training was good today, I had Cindy today which was nice. I like Cindy a lot! I told her all about my Chai-to-5k challenge i gave myself and she was thrilled. She loved my plan and said it was healthy and doable, and she'd love to run with me some time. So sweet!

I also forgot to tell you the awful thing that happened at training...
Ok, so maybe that doesn't sound traumatic, but it was. Sopping wet soggy sweaty feet, in sneakers that are too big without socks. It was like walking on my own slip & slide. Disgusting I tell you!

Now I am in bed and desperately trying to warm up. I get horrible chills after my workouts and I hate it! SoooOooooOOooOo cold!

7 refreshing comments:

BuilderAdam said...

You and your food pictures. You make me hungry!!! NOM NOM!

Sloppy Joes are so on the menu next week. Yay!

And I've got one for you, how about forgetting your sneakers and having to wear your work shoes while you do cardio??? So not pleasant. The things we do for fitness!

Chai Latté said...

omg, I am so scared of that! Having to work out in my flip flops, or fancy shoes! Killer.

~Oct said...

That looks soooo good and I'm gonna make it soon too. How much of the adobo spice did you use? Cro will love this. :D

Chai Latté said...

I used.. um.. A LOT. Actually a tiny bit too much. It was just sightly too salty. But I was certainly not conservative with it!

Anonymous said...

Yours was totally the first post I had to read this morning. I'm not a guy, and if I was I'm not sure I'd be a Boob Man, but for some weird reason I HAD to find out what a photo of boobsicles was going to be!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sloppy Joe recipe. Maybe we'll try it for football saturday tomorrow!

Ammy said...

A very carby day...did you stop eating low carb?

Chai Latté said...

Ammy, nice to see you!
I am following the Body-For-Life diet now. While I enjoyed the low-carb diet it was making me gain weight rather quickly, so I had to make a change!