Friday, September 18, 2009

Chai-to-5k Week 1, Day 2

Just finished up my running. This time, I did it in the dark. Joel made fun of me, I don't care.
The dark helps me zone out a little bit more. Helps the time go by faster.. I dunno why.

I'm a niiighhhtiiimmmee RUnnnaaahhh (sing like, part-time lover!)


It went well. Same plan as Wed. 30 min, 5 min alternating jog/walks.
It was slightly easier tonight, maybe because I knew what I was in for! :-)
Did about the same distance, 1.68miles. Less cramps, easy breathing. Shin splints like a mo-fo, but, they'll fade.

Training with Kate in the morning! Oof, I'm pooped!!

3 refreshing comments:

MackAttack said...

Do you watch TV in the dark? How do you entertain yourself for the running time? I have to fill my brain with so many other things that I forget how much I hate it.

Chai Latté said...

No, I don't watch TV in the dark.. usually gives me a headache! I only listen to music when running. It DOES make the time go slower because I am not quite distracted... but I feel like training to run is just as much mental as it is physical.. and I feel like I need to train my brain to get "in the zone"

Melissa Vegas said...

Great running! :)