Tuesday, September 1, 2009


First day back to training was good! I was so afraid for my shoulder, but we did all sorts of things that were non-shoulder related and still great. I ended up with 1010 calories too! Niiiice :-) We did a lot of jogging, even outside! Which is super nice.

Bob encouraged me to do a 1-Mile Run For Fun. He swears there is a 5K runner in me, but I don't agree..... yet.

Anywho, I am strongly considering the mile run, Currently I can't run a mile consistently, or even a half mile outside, so to prep myself for even such a short race in 4 weeks is very ambitious. But, we'll see. Maybe Fatty and Melissa will do it with me!

I ate well today. Even had lunch out (sushi) and kept the proper portions and ratios.

Here's my breakfast -
Egg beaters, tabasco, homemade salsa & whole wheat english muffin, fat-free cream cheese on 1/2

For snacks I had some fruit, yogurt, protein bar, cottage cheese..same deal as yesterday.
Lunch was sashimi/sushi plate.

Dinner, was a filet, an artichoke, and a some whole wheat pasta. I made a dipping sauce for my artichoke out of some low-fat butter, fresh lemon juice, and a tiny bit of pesto sauce. Deeeelicious.

So, another good day!

After dinner, I swapped the laundry, filled and ran the dishwasher and cleaned the counters. I explained to Joel that this type of diet takes more planning, more time, and more dishes... and I feel that organization can be my downfall sometimes. Although in the beginning I start out hyper-organized, and I love it.. I quickly start of feel overwhelmed by it. Like I have no time, like it's consuming me!
I am determined to beat it this time by really staying on top of things. If I keep the dishes done and the kitchen clean, I'll always be ready to make my eggs in the morning, and have containers to pack my snacks for the day. If I keep the laundry moving, I will never have to wait or worry about packing my gym bag. Its all related, and its all life.
I need to find a way to get all the cogs moving together!

That will be part of my journey, and I vow to stay conscious of it, and not just ditch everything for the diet... but more-so keep up with everything so that the diet can succeed!

2 refreshing comments:

laura said...

i hear ya on the dishes! i feel like i'm constantly washing dishes.

i was super excited to see the new body for life challenge thingy on the side of the blog!! you guys are gonna kick butt!

i was incredibly surprised that i now enjoy jogging, it's a miracle! i think you should totally do it!

~Oct said...

Knowing that I need a clean blender each morning keeps me happy to do dishes each evening. :) Grats on your awesome progress!