Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Disjointed thoughts!

You guys did SUCH an amazing job with your self apologies... thank you so much for doing that. It's going to take a lot more than apologies to be able to forgive myself for treating myself so poorly for my whole life. But I do believe that it is a start.

You are all great for indulging me in your own apologies! I greatly appreciate it :-)


I've been feeling really good about what I've been eating lately. It's been pretty easy making great choices, and sticking to the portion sizes.
I feel like I am getting a first tiny glimpse at the future. This is how I should always be eating, for my weight loss now, and for my maintenance in the future.

It just feels very... wholesome. Well-rounded, and there is something very satisfying about that. I like thinking that someday someone will see how I eat and think highly of it. I have a few friends that eat similarly to me (BFL type eating) and I have always admired them, and wished I could eat like that.
But, DUH!? Why can't I?!

I can. I am. And I will!


I recently found some new blogs that I really enjoy, so I thought I'd share them with you.... and I was hoping you could return the favor! Do you have any health blogs or sites that you think I'd enjoy? Please share!!

Deliciously Fit
Low and Behold
Kristin's Nibbles
Meals and Moves

4 refreshing comments:

Abby said...

I love the new, positive attitude! Just remember that you're doing it for YOU and that's all that matters. When you feel better about yourself--physically and mentally--it just shows and people will naturally want to emulate that.

Keep it up!

lyricgirl said...

Just stay focus on living a healthier life because it will pay off.

Chai Latté said...

Thank you ladies!

lyricgirl - I finally starting to figure that out...
I always "thought" it, but it never sank in. I'm starting to get it.

BuilderAdam said...

I think when you understand food consumption and it's scientific effect, it makes it easier to dig out an appropriate meal when either a) away from home, b) at a party or c) eating at a restaurant. The choices become easier and the temptations seem to hide a little bit better.

BFL has a great basis in what I like to think of as "reality eating." You are allowed to be creative and eat tasty things and not feel like you're getting jipped. It's the portions that always get me.

Thank goodness for tupperware at the table!! :)