Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chai-to-5k Week 1, Day 1

I decided to create my own Chai-to-5k challenge... I'd like to be able to run 5k in 12 weeks.
I'll be doing this Wed/Fri/Sun, training with Bob on Tues/Thurs/Sat and Monday will be my rest day, since that is bead night.

Tonight was my first little session.
I challenged myself to 30 minutes, alternating jogging and walking every 5 minutes.
And, I did it!

5 min walking @ 3.0mph
5 min jogging @ 4.0mph
5 min walking @ 2.8mph
5 min jogging @ 3.9mph
5 min walking @ 2.6mph
5 min jogging @ 3.8mph
Cool down

Distance : 1.66 miles

Difficulty (out of 10) : 8.5

Thoughts :
Wow, I have a LONG way to go.. but.. WOW, I've come a long way already!
I know I should only be proud of myself, but internally... I am quite torn between feeling proud and feeling disappointed.
Twelve weeks is not very long, BUT... one thing about running is that it improves so quickly if you stick at it. And that is what I plan to do!

Those are crappy thoughts, here's my real thoughts on this session -

My breathing is SO SO remarkably improved. I no longer get the "runner's asthma" where I just can't breathe. Now, my body gives me crap before my breathing/heart rate does. My calves feel like 100lb wooden stumps by the second minute, and I notice that I really "lead" with my right leg. Is it normal to have a lead leg when running? My righty comes up and runs like normal and when my lefty follows it just kind of... THUDS up behind the righty. Like I'm pulling it, rather than propelling my body with it. Does that make sense? Some say it does. Cause it makes me sound like a zombie!

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Ol' Man said...

Okay so 5K is 3.1 miles....
If you average your workout from today it is about 3.35 mph. So instead of going fast and slow set the machine to 3 mph. Go for 1 hour and there is 5K. Work it up from there. Will you win the race? No, but you will finish. Never done it, but I'm sure the road is going to be harder on the body than the treader..Hills bumps uneven surfaces, road kill, etc..
Once you get your endurance down on the tread mill hit the track and see how your time is compared to the mill. I'm sure Bob can tell you how to train for a run better than I can so ask him the best way...
After vacation I'm back on the mill to see if I can shed a few lbs getting tired of being a dicky do! :-) Maybe I'll see how quick a time I can get a 5K run down. My legs, like yours don't like running a quick jog is okay but as soon as I start to run things start to burn. I'm sure if I went out on the open road it would be worse so I think I'll stick to the indoor races for now. You could start by chasing Fatty down the road... that will increase your speed and endurance and slim him down too! If you catch him make him do your laundry for 2 weeks! Now that's motorvation!

Happy training!!

My 3 Month Challenge said...

Mm I dunno about the lleading leg thing cuz I don't run much myself (#^^#) but the Chai-to-5k challenge is AWESOME!! Keep it up!!

MackAttack said...

haha chai to 5k! You have such a good aerobic base that you'll be able to do this! Can't wait to hear about your progress!

Chai Latté said...

thanks guys!!

Wish that worked, Dad! :-) I can already walk 5k easy, but jogging is a whole 'nother matter! especially with 100 extra pounds to carry!

So, you start on your 'mill, and I'll race ya!!! :-)

Maybe you'll do a 5k race with me next Spring?

laura said...

yay chai! that's a brilliant plan and i'm excited for you!

Melissa Vegas said...

I'm up for a 5K! (Well, not yet, but I will be!).

Melissa to 5K! I can do it!

Chai Latté said...

Oh heck yes you can!! :-)