Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Foxy, lady

I got home from training, which was great, and made my dinner. Tonight was Buffalo Chicken and bleu cheese dressing, and fried sweet potatoes. I know it sounds just awful for me, but I assure you, it was not! The chicken was cooked in olive oil pam spray, and the potatoes were baked, sliced, then crisped up in a pan with a little olive oil. The bleu cheese is a mixture of fat-free bleu cheese (flavored) dressing, and actual crumbles of low-fat bleu cheese.
I could not take flattering pictures, but you get the point :-)

Yums, I say! It was really hard not to go get more! But I have a FIRM no-second-helpings rule in my house! Even Joel obeys.

Completely unrelated, I'd like to show you the little foxy friend I had in my backyard the other morning!! I had to take this pic from my upstairs bedroom, about 1/2 an acre away, with the most zoom possible, so, I know its not very detailed. But, still, He was CUTE!

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