Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09-09-09 9:09

In honor of this day, which means absolutely nothing...
Lets do a 9-9-9. I'll do it, and you gotta do it too. Either in your own blog, or here in the comments...

9 Things you are proud of achieving.
9 Things you plan on achieving in the future.
9 Things you are grateful for.

Here's mine :

Things I am proud of achieving
1. I have jogged a mile non-stop.
2. I have faltered, but I have never given up.
3. I joined the personal training gym, despite my anxiety towards it.
4. I have graduated from girly-pushups to *real* pushups.
5. I have maintained this blog and made new friends through it.
6. I have motivated, helped, and inspired my own brother!
7. I have nearly stopped assuming "I can't", and now, I just TRY.
8. I have overcome my fear of talking about my weight, and admitting my problems.
9. I have made, and MET several fitness goals. With SO many more to come!

Things I plan on achieving in the future
1. I will get to a healthy weight/muscle mass.
2. I will RUN a 5k, just to say I did :-)
3. I will continue to share my healthy recipes and lifestyle with others.
4. I will learn to do a cartwheel!
5. I will beat the snot out of Fatty if he gets fat.
6. I will improve my self confidence.
7. I will do 30 pushups in a row.
8. I will be able to do pull ups, without assistance!
9. I will allow myself to be PROUD of myself.

Things I am grateful for
1. I am able to afford the training, and foods I need to succeed.
2. I have an amazing, incredible, super helpful, super awesome trainer. (Thanks Bob!)
3. I have supportive, empathetic friends who help me every step of the way.
4. Fatty.
5. My mom, who inspires and motivates me!
6. My blog followers, who comment, and keep me accountable and present!
7. My health and body. Defective as it is... it WORKS.
8. My tastebuds, who I thank for enjoying all kinds of healthy foods.
9. The internet. For being a bountiful resource for information, support, and connections.

5 refreshing comments:

Keeven said...

I see you have 9 things you plan on achieving. Planning is good. Hence, I'd like you to consider participating in Project 31.

laura said...

ooh good idea! i'm not sure if i have the brain power to think of 27 things! lol.

BE PROUD OF YOURSELF!! i know it's hard to do... i am so proud of you and inspired by you daily!

to quote a mid-90s popular phrase: "you go girl!"

Fatty McFat-Fat said...

haha I seriously was not kidding when I said it took me all day to finish mine.

Anonymous said...

I am stealing this ideal from Chai and Fatty from A fabulous weight-loss blog by some fabulous people.

9 Things you are proud of achieving.
9 Things you plan on achieving in the future.
9 Things you are grateful for.

* getting more fruits and veg into my diet
* getting my bike
* walking my 3.5 commute home
* sticking to the no smoking thing ( 9 months since I bought a pack)
*getting into see the dr's .

ok not quite 9 but Iam working on adding to the list :)

Plan on achieving
* Getting back down to a size 12
* To be able to jog my 3.5 miles home ( with out stopping)
* Being able to work out with people and not feel embarrassed
*I want to be able to bike the whole length of the Freeman bike trail
* to be proud of what I can do and not worry about what i cant do
*I want to be able to do push ups
* I want to be able to have then knowledge to inspire my lil brother the way Chai inspires Fatty
*Understanding portion control
*to confident

Grateful for
* My Adopted mom ( Pat) she has been there for me threw everything. She is always there to listen and to help no questions asked. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.
* My best friend (Bryan), no matter how much we knock head with our differences we are stuck together for the good and the bad.
* For Chai for inspiring me to do better
*the people who make fun of me while I walk or bike, Thanks to you and your meanness you push me to do better and to prove you wrong.
*Heather for always being her wonderful self. It is hard to find people like her who are stunning inside and out. I grew up wanting to be her and now I just inspire to be like her. She is the most beautiful person I know.
*For health I have to be able to do what I am doing. It is hard and painful but I will make it
*For all the food stores who are now making it easier for you to be healthy. Hannafords rocks!!!
* Chai and Fatties knowledge, with our this I would not be able to be doing what I am
* so much more

So I am starting this journey at 260 yes I said it 260. That is a 50 pound weight gain in less then a year and that is soooo bad. With wee4k one down I ogt my bike that I have been talking about for months, I got to walking and ran a mile at 4.5 mph. I am down 4.5 pounds and I would like to think that is a good start. For week tow I would like to get the bike out at least 3 times and walk 3 days too.

Chai Latté said...

SO SO SO SO SOOO proud of you for doing this too, "anonymous" :-)

You've done amazingly so far.. 4.5lbs!!! It's all hard work, but sweet rewards from here :)