Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pizza Pahty

Had a good day so far today. Got up this morning, made myself a delicious breakfast of scrambled egg whites, on top of ham slices and english muffin. As so :

Then I headed off to training with Bob. I was feeling very sore/arthritic/burnt out when I started, but I think I still busted out a good work out. Even learned a couple new things I will be sure to inflict on Fatty in the near future! ;-)

After a shower, I had to go grocery shopping...I even took pictures of my loot!
Fridge stuff : (that pic inspired me to give the stove a good scrubbin too!)
Dry stuff :
(thats - Larabars, pumpkin spice granola, canned tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms, pasta, and skim milk)

Exciting stuff, no? :-)

The boys (Joel and his friend Pavel) came upstairs after playing video games and decided to make pizzas.
with GIGANTIC slice of italian bread. Feeling left out, I decided to make my own little mini pizzas!
Before :
After :

Ingredients - 1 Sandwich Thin (, low sugar added pizza sauce, fat free cheese, white onion, anchovies, italian spices.

It was quite delicious, I must say! I know yer all going EEEeeeeEEEeeEeewwwwwWWWww at my anchovies, but I don't care! I think they are delicious, so there.

So thats it!

I will also add that I took my measurements this morning.. no change in anything since May, except one or two areas that are UP a bit. None more than an inch, though.
Funny, how an inch is like one pound though. If we LOSE a pound, we're ecstatic! If we gain a pound we say "Oh well, its ONLY a pound!" Same with an inch. If I was down an inch, I'd be dancing a happy dance. But up an inch, I think.. eh, must be natural fluctuation. LOL. Ah, the bright side.

3 refreshing comments:

266 said...

I just wanted to pop by and let you know how much I appreciate you joining up to follow my blog! I have been happily overwhelmed this past month since I started my journey by the amount of support that has been shown by this great online community. I love the name of your site, by the way... very clever. And, yes, the bright side is definitely our friend!

Chai Latté said...

Oh 266! Thank YOU for coming to check me out, too!
I really look forward to following your progress!
I started out at 267, so, we can be weight loss twins! :-)

MackAttack said...

You got more Mix 1s Yay! Your loot looks awesome! Although, the anchovies....not so much.