Saturday, September 12, 2009

Making the best choices

We all know that people say - don't go on a "diet" - just make better choices. Well, for one, I hate that people use the word "diet" as a bad word. A diet is simply the foods and nutrients that you consume. Koala's have a diet of eucalyptus. Sharks have a diet of surfers. I don't know why it had to become a curse, or denote a fad or unhealthy means of losing weight.

But I digress on that.

Because, I also disagree about just making "better" choices. I think you need to make the BEST choice in any situation.

Deciding that instead of eating 3 pieces of cake, you'll just have one. That is the "better" choice. Deciding to have no cake at all, is the BEST choice. See what I'm getting at?
We need to stop striving to just be better, and start trying to be the best. I think better is a trap. It makes us fool ourselves into thinking we're doing so great, when we're really not.

Last night we celebrated my Dad's bday. My Mom made pizzas, chicken wings, salad, boston creme pie, and some berries. I immediately thought of the "better" solution. I'll just have one small piece of pizza, and some salad (the pizza looked SO good!)
But then I thought.. why would I do that, when I have even better options? So, I ended up having 6 chicken wings, a piece of my mom's whole wheat bread covered with fresh tomato slices, and I finished it off with 4 strawberries and about 8 raspberries. A dinner that fit perfectly into my plan and was even better than the "better" choice. :)

So all I am saying is... don't settle for better, because better is just a compromise. And, this may be a strict philosophy... but compromises should be saved for maintenance. It's all about losing right now, and "better" just won't cut it!

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