Thursday, September 3, 2009

Round two

Flash forward to three or so years later and I'm repeating history. Hopefully with even better results this time. Body For Life round two. BFL worked great for me, until I stopped it, same with pretty much every diet I've done. My main focus at this point, is trying to keep up with exercise. When I keep up with that, it's so much easier for me to stick to eating properly.
Also, I'm back on track with Chai, we're on the same diet page again. I'm still reeling over how out of shape I felt during the session with the Chai's personal trainer. I really wish I was loaded and could keep it up and go get my ass kicked EVERY DAY. I really hated feeling like I wasn't sure if I could finish the whole workout. One hour, and I wasn't sure if I could make it. I'm getting mad at myself right now, thinking about it. Less than six months ago, I was teetering back and forth with the 200 pound marker. I still felt fat and out of shape back then, and now... I'm back up to 225 and feeling even worse.
I think at some point this weekend, I'm going to make myself a workout schedule. Hopefully Chai has a few minutes available to help me out, I need a good core workout, and she's got more knowledge than me about workouts now. Honestly, I kind of want to kick my own ass, and save up for one session with Bob again, and show him I CAN do everything he asks me to do, and do them all well, and maybe learn a few more things from him. :)
Well, that's about all the ramblings I can come up with right now. Doing BFL with Chai again, trying to lose the fat I put back on, and also, bringing you all our 600th blog post!!!! WOOT WOOOT!!!! :)

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Chai Latté said...


We'll get you to see Bob again sometime.... and, I will definitely help you with some exercises!

Ol' Man said...

Congrats to you guys for post 600!

I don't know much about blogs but 600 posts on the BBS for a subject was quite impressive. It just shows you two guys can start something and stick to it over time... Here for while, miss a little while, but over time you are still here with drive to keep on track...

It took a number of years to get unfit and overweight and it will take a number of years to get back to fit and healthy land.

I too have to become intimate with my treadmill. We need a romantic jog around the cellar.

Great luck with the BFL!!!!!!

MackAttack said...

600 posts, OMG. Woohoo! Glad you guys are working together again!

laura said...

wow, 600!!

i'm so glad to see you both hitting it hard! and i can't wait to congratulate you both on some sweet sweet progress :)