Wednesday, September 23, 2009



Just got home a couple hours ago. I drove Mom out to the Berkshires to check on Grammie's trailer and do some errands. It's just under a 3 hour drive. I promised I'd take her as long as she allowed me a short pit stop to the campground. It is my most favoritist place in the world. It's a culmination of a strong childhood connection, and the sheer beauty of nature. . . I can't help but feel happy and peaceful when I visit it.

So we walked down to South Pond,

Where there were leaves washed ashore. I love fall colors!

There were salamanders

And Mommy Jesus walking on water (poking salamanders)

There were teen punk trees with badass red streaks in their hair,

And pretty flowers

We stopped at a restaurant called The Wagon Wheel, in Gill, MA. It was adorably kitschy and fun

They had a surprisingly varied and healthy menu, including Emu burgers and tofu dogs!
We opted to share a gyro, and a Mediterranean plate. We didn't anticipate the size of this! Everything was unbelievably good! One of the best gyros I have ever had. And the mixed plate had all my favorite greek goodies - grape leaves, baba ganouj, falafel, greek salad, hummus, pitas, and roasted veggies. Amazing.

We couldn't finish it. But we made a good dent.

It was a long day, but a super nice one. Mom and I always have a nice time together, and I got to visit my favorite place. AND got bonus delicious greek food.

The crappy part is, my knees and my shoulder are in A LOT of pain right now. Maybe from my workout last night, maybe from the driving. I dunno, but I hope it chills out by tomorrow's training session!

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MackAttack said...

Oh my gosh, I am SO jealous! It's so beautiful out there!

Low said...

So pretty! I wish there were more places like that in Oklahoma!

Ol' Man said...

A very peaceful place along the shores of Southpond indeed!