Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You might be an athlete if . . .

Ok. So I know that technically an "athlete" means that you specifically train and participate in a competitive sport. But to me, athlete means that you are an active person. You push your physical self to improvement and strive for strength and health.

I have always fought being called an athlete. To me, I am just another fat girl trying to lose weight. But people lately have labeled me an athlete, because I am always working out. I thought I'd come up with a Foxworthy-style list of things that apply to me that might possibly make me an athlete :-)


. . . 1/2 of your underwear drawer is sports bras.
. . . you've got lifting gloves in your purse.
. . . you're no longer grossed out by your own sweating.
. . . your response to any invitation is - I gotta check my work-out schedule.
. . . boys ask you to open stuck jar lids, and carry heavy boxes.
. . . you feel your own muscles when no one is looking!
. . . you look at other athletes with inspiration, rather than jealousy.
. . . you have more than one pair of athletic sneakers, and they are both busted up!
. . . "careful, that box is heavy" sounds more like a challenge, than a warning.

You might be an athlete if . . . you're willing to do the work, and open to receiving the rewards.

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Fatty McFat-Fat said...

. . . you feel your own muscles when no one is looking!

hahahaha that's my favorite one. :) It's like sneaking a flex in the mirror before getting into the shower, because you can actually see muscle for the first time.