Monday, October 5, 2009


Tonight I did the bump up on my running program. The last week and a half I've done the 30 minutes, in 5 minute intervals. Tonight, I did 6 min jogging, 4 minutes running.
It still amazes me how well my breathing is, and I only got one small side cramp, and it was short-lived.

My legs, however, were killing! Bob says it is lactic acid build up that causes it, but my leg just starts to feel HARD like a stiff tree trunk. Almost like it is numb, but less tingly, more hard. So strange. It was difficult for me to power through it, and I am quite surprised in myself that I managed to.

It is going to be so exciting for me when I hit the ten minutes straight! It's coming soon! :-)

Man, running is hard, though. I keep expecting for me to hit this breakthrough and it'll just be easy and breezy and enjoyable. LOL. I know that is a beautiful fantasy, though!

4 refreshing comments:

MackAttack said...

I wish I had something encouraging to say, but I still hate running. You are doing an amazing job rolling through it. I'm super impressed.

Melissa Whittaker said...

Woo hoo on bumping up the running! So proud of you!!!

Low said...

Awesome job! Way to push through!

Kathryn Crawford said...

Wowowow, your 'edit' to the program means even more running! I am on week 4 now, which is 3 min run 1.5 min speed walk 5 min run 2.5min speed walk repeat 2x and whew Monday was a toughie! I am so impressed that you run/job the combos. I can't do that. I too feel like I have brick legs and also hello shin pain! The slower walking during the cool-down helps a lot to get the pain out though. You're doing awesome!