Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Life Water

I have a quick product review for you, but first of all, I have to share some more beautiful birthday gifts I got! Melissa made me this bracelet, which is my favorite color -

And also, this Owl, and platter from the Japan store in Disney! They are unbelievable! And SO me. The girl knows me..well!

Ok, now, I just drank this guy -

I admit, it was an impulse buy in the check-out lane. But I see the words "0 calories" on any label and I can't help myself. Also, the flavor just sounded amazing to me. I also bought a melon flavor, which I haven't tasted yet.

I liked the stats -

This sucker is sweetened with Purevia, which is just another brand of Stevia sweetener. If anyone has tried Stevia, you know it IS very sweet, but not without its own special taste. Takes a bit of getting used to, but its not necessarily gross.

This drink does a good job of tasting "natural". Like... the juice from a gatorade tree.

The verdict is.. I liked it. There *is* something strange about it, but its still quite refreshing, and for a sports-drink lover like myself, its a much lower calorie alternative.

3 refreshing comments:

MackAttack said...

Happy Birthday! Those look like fantastic gifts!

~Oct said...

i like the little "Lean Machine" lizard. :) Happy Birthday!

Low said...

Love ur b-day gifts! Happy Birthday to you!

I like that water too. Pretty yummy!