Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Whine Up, Oh Yah!

I've started to write whiny, Nancy Kerrigan style posts (WHY ME?! WHY ME!?) all week, and I've stopped them all. It is nothing I haven't said before. Wah wah, I'm doing everything right and I am not getting results, bitch bitch, whine whine.

Its been done, and it does me no service. And it certainly isn't fun to read for you guys!


I'll turn this into a true progress report, lets break it down!

As much as I hate working out (I mean, I HATE it) I rather enjoy that I go to training. As much knowledge, space, and equipment as I have, I would never get the intensity of exercise at home. It may not be helping me lose weight, but it most certainly is making me stronger. And, I love my trainers!

I am continuing on pretty well with my Chai-2-5k program. My knee is not enjoying it lately, so my progress has been slowed slightly. I made it up to 7 min running, 3 min walking... but now I am back down to 5 and 5. I'm not too discouraged, I know my knee, and it'll come back around. I think I'm still on track (pun intended!) to meeting my goal of a 5k in the Springtime.

My diet has been good. Actually, its been great! I'm finally learning to stop when I am full, and distract myself when I want to eat out of boredom. I make good choices, especially on my free day, when things could get ugly. I have kept a close reign on those times, and all is good.

This, of course, is the bane of my existence. I haven't really lost any weight. I haven't lost any inches. I have no physical, noticeable changes at all. This is the height of my discouragement. BUT. I can feel my muscles like nobody's business. I can run longer, squat lower, jump higher, breathe easier... you name it. I'm more fit. And I can't complain about that.
I find myself getting mad at Biggest Loser, health articles, and other bloggers who vehemently state - IT'S CALORIES IN VS CALORIES OUT. YOU DO THAT YOU WILL LOSE.
I always believed that. But why doesn't it work for me, then? Most weeks, I've got a 5000-7000 calorie deficit, that should be 1-2lbs a week, if the math holds true.
I want to scream at them - ITS JUST NOT THAT SIMPLE! But then, what makes ME different? Why does science not apply to me? Is it because I failed science class freshman year? 'cause I made that up the next year, damnit!

OKAY. So this entry did turn out a little bit whiny there at the end. I apologize!
I love you all, my peeps, very very much! And I can never thank you enough for following our journey with us, ups and downs and mini-breakdowns.

3 refreshing comments:

~Oct said...

The calorie deficit thing doesn't prove true for me either ... just look at how few I eat. But ima keep plugging away with hope that my body will respond eventually. I think you are doing all the right things and I admire you greatly!

MackAttack said...

Shannon....I have NO idea. I'm sorry your body is so mean to you. One day it'll click. You are getting soo buff, amazing!

Kathryn Crawford said...

Regardless of the stupid scale, you're doing great! Stronger, more fit, breathing easier, all huge non scale victories! As much as this is for looking better it is for feeling better and adding to longevity, and you're doing right by that! Keep going Chai!

As for the scale... I know this is another one of those things that people say all the time, but... have you seen a doctor? Maybe the no weight loss/slight gains thing is just a thyroid problem?