Friday, November 20, 2009


Where does the day go?!?!?!
since Monday at training, I haven't exercised at all. It seems like I've always got something going on right after work, and I don't get home until late. I'm planning on doing something Saturday and Sunday, I should have enough time both of those days. Not a good start to my own personal six-week challenge. :/ next week is Thanksgiving, which shouldn't hamper any progress since Chai will be there to help remind me I'm chunking it up. ;) Maybe I'll be able to convince her to workout with me before dinner time... *HINT HINT*

I'm going to training again Monday and Bob said he'll help me out with an exercise plan for the rest of the week. I think that will help to have a plan. I really need to get it through my head that it's really not too late to exercise, it's just me using that as an excuse. It's not like I actually go to sleep and stay asleep when I want to anyway, so that's really not a valid argument to use against working out.

There's NO REASON why I can't finish out this year under 200 pounds. That gives me 5 weeks to lose roughly 15 pounds. Let's do this!

2 refreshing comments:

100in12 said...

you can do it!

muddymamma said...

We'll have plenty of good healthy choices for turkey day! I'm gonna make the same punkin' pie that I made for Shan's b-day...yummy! And I'm makin' some low sugar homemade cranberry sauce.