Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Seatbelt's a little loose, but I ain't falling out

I would also like to say (ie : fess up)  that I've been slightly slacking off this week.
I'm in a very slight "its-not-working-anyway-so-why-even-try" funk, as I seem to get every couple months. Can you blame me? 

Have no fear though, no need to prep your pep talk pens, or hi-jack the wagon to go back to my stop. . . I'm good.  When I say "slight"— I mean it.  Its much more in thought than it is in action. I do eat a little sloppier, but I'll work out a little harder. Or vice-versa.  I won't sabotage this. That, I promise you.

But I guess I am allowed to feel like I am "taking a break" every now and then.  Luckily, these episodes never last more than a few days, and never seem to result in any sort of weight gain.  I won't let that happen, either!

Training tonight. I am praying that my knee is a nicer friend tonight. Its been SO mean lately, it just HAS to be time for it to turn-around and love me again. Right?
I think so.  I hope so.
I haven't done a solid jog session for a couple weeks now.  I can just do a couple minutes at a time before the knee gives out. So its been a lot more walking, and much shorting jogging stints.
I want to make progress, so this knee better wise up! *slap*

Stay tuned for Fatty's account of training last night!  (I am hoping its coming soon!)

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Sheryl said...

Good for you for pushing through. I seem to get the feeling about every other day. But I try to remember to grab another glass of water and push on.

Come visit sometime at: http://weightlossdiary-sheryl.blogspot.com/

Have a great day.