Monday, November 30, 2009

Today, and Tomorrow

Today was a long day. Work was annoying, but fine, as always. Then I was off to a wake for my Great Uncle Norman :-( He was a popular guy, and it was nice to see SO many people paying their respects. I had dinner with my Mom & Dad, went grocery shopping, set up my clothes for tomorrow/packed my gym bag, and now here I am! Ready for bed :-)

So, since there is nothing wrong with me, so says my blood...I have no choice but to shut up and work harder. Tomorrow starts day one of 2 work outs a day. I'll be getting up an hour early to work out in the morning. And then training at night. Nearly doubling my exercise sucks, but it obviously had to be done. Getting up early sucks. Working out sucks. Making Joel wake up early sucks. But know what sucks the most? Having 3 outfits worth of laundry every day! OI!

I have not weighed myself in over a week. And I do not plan to, for as long as I can help it.
My goal is to wait until I feel or see some sort of loss, like in my pants or in the mirror or something before I even bother to see what the number is.
Thats "the plan" anyway. We all know me and my weak weighing willpower :-)

Well, I am exhausted, and gotta get up early! Wish me luck!

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