Monday, November 9, 2009

Who you callin' a crackah?

Here I am!

I know you missed me.

Sorry I didn't update over the weekend, it was a busy one. Saturday Melissa and I prepped for the craft fair, and Sunday we spent the day at the craft fair.
We didn't make a killing, but we had fun.

Here's a pic of our table!

I did NOT exercise this entire weekend. That is a first in a looong time. I decided to finally listen to my knee's screams and let it rest for two full days!
My reward? My knee is still angry, but now I'm up almost 4lbs.
To top it off, because we did mainly upper body to go easy on my knee last week in training, my shoulder is all mad now too.

Ah complain complain complain. Sorry. :-/

For listening to my whining, I shall thank you, with some tasty food pics!

Pre-smushed guac

How I ate the guac! with the leftover quinoa salad.

Jicama, with Oikos to dip in. Still like Chobani the best!

22 crackers for 120 calories! seriously! and CUTE


Some with LF chive cream cheese...

Some with almond butter...

Some with chunky PB & ginger preserves

SO good. So cute :)

Well, that's all I have for you folks.
I was hoping to start out this week with a low weight, a happy knee and a high spirit. But I've got the opposite. Whatcanyado!?

Hope you all had lovely weekends!

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Janetha said...

the craft fair looked fun! it is all about the experience and not the $ you make, at least that is my opinion for when i do crafty things like that!