Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 bolded questions

1. Who are you?
Most of you know me as Fatty McFatFat, a few others know me as Bryan. I live in Chelmsford, back in the same town I grew up in. :) My main passions in life are attempting to break the world sleep record, but failing miserably, and music. I have an awesome cat named Jager who is both adorable, creepy, silly, and insanely lovable..and scared of almost everything.

2. What is your current health/weight status?
Not even close to what I want. Currently I'm hovering between 215 and 220. Most people do not think I'm overweight and a few don't even think I weigh over 200 pounds, but it's true. lol It's getting better, as long as I can keep my motivation up. I'm a work in progress, sometimes it's like the bar is barely moving though.

3. What does being "healthy" mean to you?
Healthy to me in general is being able to live life physically care free. If you want to go for a walk, you don't have to worry about being able to make it to the door from joint pain, or too much stress on the joints, or having to wheel an oxygen tank around wherever you go. Just being physically able to do what you want, when you want to.

4. What is your ultimate goal?
My ultimate goal is to train in Muay Thai, and BJJ with possibly entering an amateur fight. I want to get down to a goal weight of 185lbs. That number is pretty much a theory right now, I'll have to see how I feel and look at 185. I've never been that low, and I don't know what my "natural" weight class would be. I want to bulk up some and get my strength back, and have good cardio. I want to be able to run and play sports with friends and not be winded after one play. But mostly... I just want to be comfortable with my appearance. Not for others, but for myself, so I'm not walking down the street, hoping my sweatshirt is big enough, or pulling my shirt down, to try and stretch it out so it's not as tight.

5. What is the biggest obstacle on your way to your goal?
ME!!!!! I'm so good at making excuses which is a shame. I really do enjoy working out. I enjoy pushing myself, but on the same token, I love being lazy. I love just laying down watching movies or playing video games. There's really nothing blocking my potential and progress other than myself. I'd love to blame not having money for a gym or a personal trainer, but the fact is, it's not true. I'm sure I could find $30 a month for a gym membership if I really wanted to.

6. Who or what do you look up to the most, in regards to your goals?
Fighters. haha I say that's what I want to look like and do. I'm also incredibly inspired by my sister, as anyone who has read this blog has seen. She pushes herself so hard, even when she's getting crapped on by her own body. It's amazing and impressive, I have all the tools I need, no bum joints, when I diet, I lose weight(usually fast too). It really isn't fair. I should be close to 300+ pounds and she should be smaller than my mom...

7. If you could take a magic potion, instead of working for it, would you?
Anyone who says something other than YES! is lying. lol I'm all for hard work and getting the end results due to your own power. I do enjoy working for what I have/get, but if someone offered me a pill to instantly get me into shape, hell yeah I'll take it. I'm still going to have to work to maintain it.

8. What do you look forward to the most?
Hitting my goals and actually succeeding at something. Proving to myself that I really can do it. But mostly, I look forward to being happy with myself, someday...:)

9. What is the biggest lesson you've learned so far?
Oh man.. What a hard question. I've learned so much in the fitness area of life. A lot of which I haven't applied, or at least I haven't consistently. I think the biggest thing I've learned is the ability to learn. I've read countless article, watched just as many videos on different exercises, different ways to do each exercise, proper form, etc, but until you go in and try all that stuff with someone with formal training, you don't realize how off you can be. I've never been pushed or humbled so much as my Monday night training sessions.

10. Do you have any big rewards planned?
Ha, so many I think about, but rewards that I know I can give myself when I accomplish what I want? nope. Nothing besides the mental reward of knowing I can and have done what I wanted. There's so much that I want. I have goals set for stuff that I want too, but getting them doesn't hinge on my fitness goals. More so on me learning how to be better with my money.

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