Friday, December 4, 2009

Q&A with Chai Latté

A little survey! Go ahead and answer yourself, in the comments or in your own blog!

1. Who are you?
My name is Shannon. I am 28 years old, female. Born and raised in Massachusetts. I own a beautiful home in "the boonies" with my boyfriend of 6 years, Joel, 2 pups, and a fish. I am a very content person. I take joy in the little things. My soul is owned 90% by music. I love movies, art, crafts, fashion, and food.

2. What is your current health/weight status?
I am on the weight loss train. (choo choo! chew chew!)
I've been "trying" to lose weight my entire teen/adult life. But I have been thoroughly devoted to weight loss for the last 2 years.

3. What does being "healthy" mean to you?
To me, being healthy means that you are -
a) at a weight that puts no added stress on your body and its functions.
b) in a physical condition that feels comfortable and able.
c) represented physically how you feel mentally and emotionally.

4. What is your ultimate goal?
My ultimate goal is to meet the criteria that I have placed on the word "healthy" above. In numbers, my current goal is to reach 145-155lbs. Ability wise, my goals are to be able to run a mile or more (with relative ease) and complete non-assisted pull ups. My true goal is to impress and inspire people with my weight loss, and achievements!

5. What is the biggest obstacle on your way to your goal?
Myself, naturally! By nature, I am two things - a compulsive overeater, and a self-saboteur. (though essentially, that is the same thing)
That is an obstacle every day. Everyday I want to eat something that isn't a good choice. Every day I have zero desire to exercise. I find it easy to give myself a million reasons why I should just give up, and give in. Fighting that part of myself is the biggest obstacle.

6. Who or what do you look up to the most, in regards to your goals?
My blogger buddies, for sure! So many of you have been successful in your efforts, and your bravery of openness is always something to be admired!
I have a lot of love, and respect for Janetha, MackAttack, and JackSh*t especially.
I also get so much support and motivation in every day life from Adam, and Fatty, of course!

7. If you could take a magic potion, instead of working for it, would you?
Ooh. Controversial! I absolutely would.
The Journey is the Destination and all that... sure. I agree. AND I always said that I feel like when I make it to my goal, I will be ultimately grateful at how long and hard the journey was. But... my answer is still YES, I'd take the skinny pill in a heartbeat.

8. What do you look forward to the most?
This is a loaded question! So very much. Almost too much. I am one of those - "when I am skinny, EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD WILL BE BETTER" kind of people. I know that it won't solve ALL of my problems, but in all honesty, being overweight (and its ramifications) is very nearly my only problem.
So, I look forward to learning how to be more comfortable in my own body, and extending that comfort into being more open with my family and friends. I look forward to dressing the way I've wanted to since I was a child. I look forward to sharing my learned diet and exercise expertise to others. I look forward to doing everything more comfortably and easily, such as traveling, playing, and well, just living.

9. What is the biggest lesson you've learned so far?
That pushing myself won't kill me.
I can exercise through more physical and mental discomfort than I expected. I have to just focus on knowing that when I am done, I will feel fine. As they say - Pain is temporary.
(note : I am not condoning pushing yourself to the point of pain, or sickness. I am talking about that "oh, but I'm uncomfortablllllle" pain that your body throws at you to sabotage you. You know what I'm talking about!)

10. Do you have any big rewards planned?
Well, everyone knows that when I am down 50lbs, I get a new car. :-) A new convertible of my choice, to be exact! And when I reach my final goal (112lbs lost) I get a new tattoo I'd been pining for. And of course an entire new wardrobe (But I'll spring this one on Joel when the time comes. ;-) )

Ok, your turn!

2 refreshing comments:

MackAttack said...

Shannon! I love this post. Thanks for the shout out. And, I would TOTALLY take the skinny pill too. I have no idea what I'd look like skinny, but I'd sure as hell like to see it! Tomorrow!

Janetha said...

uhhh if you couldnt tell, im SO behind on blog reading. i am reading TEN new posts of yours!! haha. ok but i had to click out of reader to comment on this one because i love the train noises :) all of your answers were really incredible~you are such a fabulous person!! and thanks for the shout out <3 maybe i will do this fun questionnaire soon! xoxo