Friday, January 29, 2010

And it hurts with every heartbeat...

I just hopped off the treadmill... and I mean JUST. I am laying on a towel, on my bed because I am dripping so much sweat.

Today I did two things for the first time -

#1.  My first time trial for 5k.  I decided to just go for the 3.1 miles no matter how long it took. And it sure did take a long time. 53 minutes and 10 seconds to be exact.  I walked mostly, but worked in 1 ten minute jog, and about 5 tenth of a mile sprints (and one .15 of a mile!)  I felt it was important to start working up to that distance, if I really intend on doing a 5k some time this year.  My knee is beyond mad right now, so I am going to go ice it after I finish up here!

#2. I ran barefoot.  It was strange, but nice! I read a lot about this whole barefoot running phenomenon and I do agree with its basic principles. While I don't think it is something I am going to adopt as a lifestyle... I do intend on trying it a few more times in the future.  It feels so different. SO incredibly different. My stride, gait, and rhythm are completely altered. It feels much more natural, and easier. I ran .25 miles and it felt like a little jaunt. I could have easily kept going, but I remembered all the articles I read which insisted on starting slow, no matter how good it feels.  So I hopped off and put on my socks and sneaks and hopped back on. Wow, suddenly my sneakers felt like moon shoes. Like they were made of heavy cottonballs, a foot thick.
Of course, it took no time at all to get used to them again but I am honestly astounded at the difference.

Has anyone else tried this?

3 refreshing comments:

MackAttack said...

Awesome job on the 5k! Glad you enjoyed the barefoot running. Did it make your knees feel weird or anything? Great job!

laura said...

go you!

barefoot running totaaly freaks me out! it sounds like you had a good experience though, so maybe i'll try it.

Mandy K said...

In the running LJ community I read, there is a post almost everyday about barefoot running. I agree with the principle - that running should feel natural. But the right pair of sneakers also helps.

PS - congrats on the 5K :)