Tuesday, January 19, 2010


A new Biggest Loser competition has begun at my gym!!
I am in it, to win it! And I want you to be in it, too! 
The best part is.. you don't even have to lose weight :) 

The competition runs for 12 weeks.   For me, that means - lose as much weight as possible.
For you, it's something entirely different!

Every WEDNESDAY, I'll post a food/weight loss/exercise question.  Anyone who answers ALL 12 questions, will be entered in a random drawing.  

• If I WIN the gym competition, the winner of the random drawing will receive a hefty cash prize! 

• If I do not win the gym competition, the winner will receive a less hefty, but equally as awesome prize of my choosing (trust me, I choose superbly)

EVERYONE is eligible, including Fatty!  Anonymous peeps—just be sure to leave your name in your comments.  If you don't leave your name, you will not be put in the drawing!

There is no deadline on answering the questions, if you wanna be weird, and go through and answer all of them at once at the end of 12 weeks.. go right ahead!  It won't be as fun, but it will still count :-)

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~Oct said...

cool :) contests are fun. Good luck on winning at your gym! I wish mine would do that!