Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brr, its cold in here! Must be some smoothies in the atmosphere!

I definitely see a tendency to want to eat more now that it's winter time. I don't know if its my body, craving more energy to burn to stay warm or my mind craving comfort from the cold, dark days!
I'm not hankering for specific foods or anything, I just find myself going for larger portions than necessary.  For the most part (the most part meaning, 95% of the time), I have no trouble recognizing the problem and scaling down the improper portion.  But its a hard thing to contend with, you know?
It feels like my body is telling me IT NEEDS IT SO DAMN BAD. But my sharp little mind knows better :-) 

It is so much easier to feel healthier in the warmer seasons. Just being outside, playing tennis and walking dogs. Fresh produce at the farm stand. Summery foods like fruit salad and grilled veggies.

It bugs me that things out of my control, like the weather, can have an affect of my feelings and habits.

Alas, like everything else... winter is temporary!  And spring is right around the corner! :-)

Bonus pic!  Here's lunch from yesterday -

Mine is a piece o green enchilada and some carrots. Fatty's is a ham & cheese sammy and some celery

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Melissa Whittaker said...

I feel the same way. Winter makes me cold to the bone (especially on days like today), and it doesn't make me want to run to salads or healthy stuff. I want hearty substance. I want big meals. I want to be full and warm and comfy.

Thankfully, soup does that for me, and when homemade, it's pretty healthy. You should try some of my soups! :) That pasta & meatball one was the bomb!