Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Changing goals, and it feels GOOD

So, this new fancy scale has really given me a different perspective. And it's time I reevaluate and change my ultimate goals to reflect that.

First let me say... I currently weigh about 235lbs. My goal weight has always been 145lbs, based on the "ideal weight chart" system we've all used.  They say my weight should be 135-155 so I aimed for the healthy middle.

According to Wiley the Scale,  I have 145lbs of lean mass. Lean mass includes bones, muscles, organs (and the water stored in those goodies). Therefore, if I only weighed 145lbs, I'd have ZERO fat. And that is not possible (nor healthy). I'd like to have a very lean, and healthy 18-20% BMI.

Do you know what that means?  My ultimate goal weight should be 175lbs. 

That is a 30lb difference from my original goal that I've always had.
That's nuts. NUTS I TELL YOU!

It honestly feels like I just lost 30lbs in this moment.
Now, I am aware that I could get to 175lbs and realize I need to lose more. And I am OK with that. As we know, the science of all of this isn't exactly true-to-life.  But, it's a good start.

So.... I am hereby changing my goal weight to 175lbs.
This means, instead of having nearly 100lbs left to lose. I now have less than 60lbs.
And so,  I give to you...


Crazy, right? Yeah, it is.  But I am very happy with this decision!
It feels like the right thing to do (logically, and emotionally!)

6 refreshing comments:

MackAttack said...

Yay! We've got the same goal and are at about the same weight! Glad you gained some perspective from the scale!

muddymamma said...

It's all those crazzzzeeee muscles you got!! I'd be willing to bet that you gained a good 20lbs in lean muscle mass since you've been working with the trainers.
I've gotta come step on your friend Wiley. Too bad he can't tell me how much my empty skin weighs... I would be nice to know my lean body mass though.
Congrats on your new goal!!!!

Chai Latté said...

Well, skin is an organ, so at least its not counted as fat! :-)

Tony the Pink Panda said...

One piece of the puzzle that you didn't take into account was the fact that when you lose weight you will lose lean muscle mass also (this is something that will always happen), so when you weigh 145, you will still have fat. The best way is to just keep measuring your percentages while you lose weight, and once you are happy with your weight, then stick with it.

Good luck :)

~Oct said...

That's awesome Shannon. :)

Melissa Whittaker said...

I agree with this decision. That is all. ;)